Every Day People (2006)

Music by Sly and the Family Stone

Ida /A Day in the Life of Ida B. Wells (2005)
Music by John Williams

Time After Time (2004)
Music by Cyndi Lauper/ Blue Muse

Sweet in the Morning (2003)
Music by Bobby Mc Ferrin and Doug Brush

Words Unspoken (2002)
Music by Ira Antelis

A Path (2001)
Music by Ennio Morricone and Doug Brush

Spiritual Ties (2000)
Music by Acappela

The House That Love Built (2000)
Music by Babbie Mason

Old Rugged Cross (1999)
Music by Acappela

Kay’s Lilt (1998)
Music by Ira Antelis and Oleta Adams

Shanequa’s World (1998)
Music by Okura

Affection (1997)
Music by Kimo Williams

Inside your Heart (1997)
Music by Ira Antelis

Can’t Take This Away (1996)
Music by Antelis/BeBe and CeCe Winans/Acappela

Don’t Let The Sun Go Down (1995)
Music by Oleta Adams

Urban Transfer (1994)
Music by Tom Kast


Lean On Me (1994)

Music by Michael Bolton

A Tri-Fling (1994)
Music by Tom Kast

Listen Beneath (1993)
Music by William Russo

Unarmed (1992)
Music by Sinead O’Connor

Initiation (1992)
Music by Tom Kast

Copland Motets (1991)
Music by Aaron Copland

Sparring Partners (1991)
Music by Tom Kast

Women’s Work (1990)
Music by Tom Kast

Love Not Me (1989)
Music by Alan Segal

Psalm (1988)
Music by Ira Antelis

Bittersweet Ave (1987)
Music by Ira Antelis/The Nylons/Tangerine Dream

Delta (1986)
Music by Andreas Vollenweider

Turning Tides (1986)
Music by Sam Harris/Bruce Roberts/Galvin Dillard

When the Sun Returns (1986)
Music by yellow Jackets

Aretha (1983)
Music by Aretha Franklin

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